About Us

A. Madeira Group

Founded in 1968, A. Madeira operates in the segments of earthmoving and paving, industrial civil works, restoration of asphalt pavements, construction of bridges and viaducts, port works, airports and railways. It also works in infrastructure (water and sanitation), urban planning, housing projects and leasing of heavy equipment. It operates throughout the Brazilian territory, in the steel and mining segments; paper and cellulose; oil and gas; energy and logistics.


Our main purpose is to act in a way that puts engineering and technology at the service of our clients, focusing on cost reduction, increased productivity and reduced delivery time.

Quality and Safety

The guarantee of a quality work, with solidity and environmental and social responsibility, are our certifications by NBR ISO 9001 and PBQP-H, our internal quality program, reaching and surpassing expectations, among other important certifications.

Main Clients